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December 2006

Sunday, Dec 16th

Hi, and welcome back.  Let me catch you up on our activities. 

We're still at MacDill AFB and are enjoying the warm weather and taking nature walks.  Here's a friendly corn snake who surprised us by laying right in the path on a recent hike:

Chris had a cold about a week ago, now I have a cold.  In-between we started our latest major project -- a partial renovation of the RV interior.  Here's the plan:

  • Remove all the old carpet
  • Remove the 3rd chair just behind the passenger chair for more floorspace
  • Remove the Dinette
  • Reupholster the captains chairs (and probably the couch too)
  • Install new carpet in the front driver & passenger area
  • Install Pergo wood laminate in the "living room", the hallway, and the bedroom.
  • Install faux sandstone tile in the kitchen.
  • Install a combination bar and desk in place of the Dinette
  • Replace most of the window shades, starting with the bedroom with suede look curtains.  
  • Probably more that I'm not remembering

Two more smaller projects have also begun

  1. Installing a new Sprint S720 broadband card with Linksys router and external antenna.  That's right, Linksys makes a router with a PC slot for an aircard, allowing you to share the broadband connection. 
  2. Adding one more solar panel to our array, maxing out our solar controller.

Wow, I knew we planned to do a lot, but it seems like an even bigger undertaking when I write it all out.  So far the carpet has all been removed and we're 90% done with the bedroom and hallway laying the Pergo.  I'll start up a new article in the Tech and Projects section to detail our progress on this and the other two projects.  And yes, there will be lots of pictures.

Casino road trip anyone?

We received a great offer in the mail from the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, and we're planning to go mid-January.  They are giving us $400 in freeplay, 3 nights comped (doubt we'll stay there) and we'll pick up meals too.  So we plan to take them up on their offer.  Will likely dry-camp at Keesler AFB Famcamp.

So that's what's up with us.  Hope you're having a great December wherever you are -- stay warm!


Sunday Dec 17th

I got started on the tech section for interior upgrades.  Click here to take a look


Friday, Dec 22nd

We've made some progress on the RV interior.  Finished the bedroom, took out the dinette, and started laying the kitchen floor.  Photos and details here

Chris and I are both reading Stephen King books lately.  I read the Dark Tower series, and now Chris is reading it.  Because so many of his books tie in to the Dark Tower we've been reading other King books too.  I have to admit to having never read any of his before.  Since reading the Dark Tower I've also read Salem's Lot and Eyes of the Dragon.  Will probably read others now.  In case you're new to our blog; Chris reads a lot, normally 2 or 3 books a week, but sometimes 2 books a day when she's in hibernation mode.  I'm a much slower reader, probably 1/3 her speed.  I also read infrequently.  I'll get on a kick and read several books or a series, then go a year without picking up a novel.

We finally bought the Doom 3 game.  We were huge Doom players with the original and sequels.  I remember Nicole playing when she was young (11 or 12?) and running screaming out of the computer room!  Anyway, our gaming didn't keep up with the world, and I find D3 hard to get used to, but I'll work at it ;-)

See ya later! 

Sunday, Dec 24th

Merry Christmas from Florida!

Kitchen floor is done, now we need to complete the bar/desk install, and do the front 1/2 of the motorhome.

Ever wonder how Santa gets around down here where there's no snow?  See photo below.


Monday, Dec 25th

Merry Christmas again from "sunny" Florida

You folks up in the frozen north can laugh at us a little bit today, it may icy, snowy and frigid there, but at least you don't have a tornado watch!  I guess Santa should trade that windsurfing board for a Coast Guard rescue boat! 

And this is the dry season in Florida. Did I mention we don't like rain?

Over the river and through the woods... well, at least we don't have to shovel it ;-)


Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 camping costs summary and year in review.

As you can see below 2006 was similar to 2005.  Cost per night was almost the same (15 cents lower).  We were comped a lot of free nights by casinos, so we stayed more in FHU than last year, but also had more free nights. 

One significant statistic, when we did pay for a site it averaged $15.72/night which is a $1.86 increase from 2005's $13.86/night.

Year Avg $ per Nite # Dry # Elect # FHU # Free %Dry % Free
2006 $9.42 163 27 172 145 45% 40%
2005 $9.57 184 17 164 113 50% 31%
Difference - $ 0.15 -21 +10 +8 +32    


States Visited (camped overnight)  -  18

States added to "states visited" map - 3  (TN, NE, UT)

Miles Driven  -  about 11,000

Days with Snow - 1 

Nights Broken Down  - 1  

Nights Dry Camp  -  163

Nights at Casinos  -  91 (67 dry)

Nights in Military RV Park - 141 (30 dry)

Nights at a Wal-Mart  -  14

$ Saved Dry Camping  -  $2,563

Times we've regretted going fulltime - ZERO!

Happy New Year - have a great 2007!

What did we do last December?  Take a look at December 2005

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