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December, 2010

December 2:
We left Biloxi heading east on I-10.  We stopped at the Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida to get a ďstickerĒ for the RV.  The Navy still requires this but the Air Force no longer does.  All drivers entering an Air Force Base have to show a military ID or permit so itís no longer necessary to have the sticker.  We drove to the base, parked the RV and Mac took the registration papers and walked over to get the base pass sticker.
Mac had looked at maps and satellite views online and from those views it seemed that we could park and turn around easily.  Well, not so any longer.  There was construction where once was a big area we could have turned around in.
RVers will drive down many strange roads looking for a place to turn around so that they donít have to unhook.  We drove down a road that turned into an employee only road and it was so narrow we kept scraping both sides and the top of the RV at the same time.  But we found a spot big enough to turn around thankfully and we were soon driving towards the interstate.  Whew, what an adventure.
We then drove to Marianna FL Wal-Mart store # 1375 to spend the night without any more excitement. 
December 3:
We worked quite a bit today while parked at Wal-Mart.  But we finally left and drove to Perry FL Wal-Mart store # 5172.  Didnít get very far thatís for sure.  I think it was a little over one hundred miles that we drove for the day. 
December 4:
Hit the road this morning and drove to MacDill AFB in Tampa.  We assumed there was diesel fuel on the base because we knew there was diesel on base in Key West.  Well, it turned out thereís no diesel fuel sold on MacDill.  So we unhooked the car and Mac drove the RV off base and fueled up. 
I went to the beach and enjoyed the peace of looking at the water and birds.  Mac got back finally and we checked in the RV Park.  Weíre staying in the annex section, first time for us.  Itís a nice place to park the RV; itís just not as close to the beach.
The rest of December:
We visited our family that live in the area.  Mac did some honey-do chores for his mom.  We enjoyed seeing our grandson Austin very much.  Heís grown so much and is such fun to be around. 
We didnít accomplish much of what we had intended to do while here.  I think the only accomplishment was Mac finally going to scuba class and getting certified.  Heís talked about doing it for 5 years.
This was the coldest December in the Tampa Bay area and it felt like it too.  It was a very cold month; no beach walks for us! 

December 27

Another month is almost gone so I should make my monthly blog post!  In fact, it's almost time for our annual New Years resolution to post daily in the blog!  Yes, I'm being a wee bit sarcastic. :-) 

We seem to get in a rut from time to time and fail to say anything on the blog.  This year was the worst.  I suppose one reason may be that we're on Facebook so we keep up with family and close friends there.

So what's been happening with us?  We've been in Tampa since 12/4 at MacDill AFB Famcamp.  Our regular day jobs slow down in December so I've put in a couple of short weeks lately.  In my spare time I've been working at my mom's new place, helping her move in, fixing a list of things, etc.  I've also managed to complete a SCUBA class and become open water certified!  Chris was surprised that I actually did it, because I've talked about it for more than a year, maybe two.  But not to worry, my reputation as a procrastinator is unstained -- I've put off a whole list of things around the RV. 

I still haven't hooked up the solar panels (although they're installed on the roof).  We've been hooked up a lot this year, and our new RV has a diesel generator which is quiet and convenient for those times we've dry camped overnight.  Still, I need to get the solar working because we're planning to go to Key West in a couple of weeks and we'll need them for the 3+ weeks of dry  camping in between rotating hookups.

Ok, that's it for today, I don't want to over do it :-).  Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah.


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