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December, 2011

Wednesday, December 1 Ė Saturday, December 3:
While in Livingston I visited with my mom, took her to doctor appointments, shopping and worked on our honey-do list.  One evening we ate at Shrimp Boat Mannyís and I got my fix on their pink sauce, which should last me until we come again in the spring.
Sunday, December 04:
It was a short stop this trip in Livingston but we need to get down the road so this morning after kissing my mom goodbye we left and headed out before the rain started.  But we did run into rain and drove through several heavy storms before finally getting in front of the storms that are heading east also. 
We hit I-10 and headed east and not long after entered Louisiana with its lousy roads.  As I was driving all of a sudden the RV drove ďfunnyĒ.  I quickly figured out that it wasnít the lousy roads but a problem and pulled over to the side of the road.  We got out and looked around and sure enough we have a problem.  The back air bags seem to have failed.  Mac drove us further down the highway until the next exit and then we pulled off the road there as much as possible. 
Mac called our great emergency road service Coach Net.  They found a mechanic who called Mac and got details about what was wrong.  Being Sunday he brought the parts he thought was needed to fix the RV; if any different part was needed that he didnít have it would have to wait till Monday since all the parts stores around were now closed.  Thankfully, he brought the correct part and we were soon back on the road.  Again, it was less than 3 hours from the time Mac first called until we were back on the road.  Not too bad for a Sunday.
We drove on to Biloxi MS and parked at the Imperial Palace (IP).  They have a couple of big parking lots for trucks and RVs.  After getting the RV and car set up and ourselves cleaned up we went into the casino and had the buffet for dinner.  I played some video poker and Mac decided to go back to the RV and watch tv.
Monday, December 5 Ė Tuesday, December 6:
Monday morning after a few hours of work we drove the car over to the Grand Casino for playtime.  Today is 10 times points and Mac needs to finish earning his diamond card for next year so perfect timing.  As he plays heíll earn 10X more comps.  We played, ate lunch at the buffet and played some more.  We went home for some down time before deciding to drive back to the casino and play some more.  This will be our last casino play for several months so we played much longer than we usually do.
Tuesday morning Mac was in shock when I said that I was agreeable to getting on down the road.  I had mentioned going shopping while in Biloxi but I decided that Iíd rather get on over to Tampa and see the family.  So after getting some work done we headed east. 
We are tired from all that weíve been doing lately so we took our time and stopped early for the night.  We stopped at WalMart Store # 1375 in Marianna FL.  We had a nice rest this evening.
Wednesday, December 7 Ė Saturday, December 10:
We drove to Tampa and are parked at the Lazydays RV Park during our stay here.  Weíre visiting with our family in the area.  We are really enjoying seeing the grandsons. 
Wednesday, December 21:
This morning we got the RV ready to move and drove over to Camping World.  Weíve had a problem with a leaking toilet so today itís being fixed.  Weíd bought a new toilet but it doesnít fit and they said we should keep our old toilet and just get a kit to fix the problem, so we did.  It didnít take that long to get it fixed but it was kind of expensive.  Oh well, at least it doesnít leak now.
Saturday, December 24:
Today we gather with our family in the Tampa area and celebrate Christmas.  We had a wonderful day of eating, exchanging presents, laughing and just being together.  Itís so much fun to watch little ones open their presents.  They are so excited about everything they get. 
We are really enjoying seeing our grandsons here in Tampa.  Children grow so fast.  Every time we come to the area Austin has grown and is growing up so fast.  I canít believe heís already in kindergarten and has lost his first tooth.  It seems like yesterday that he was born and now heís already 6 years old.  Now baby Evan is already almost 6 months old and the next thing heíll be 6 years old.  They are so cute and itís fun to see them growing up to be fine young men.
Itís hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  Where does the time go? 

Monday, December 26:
This morning we had an appointment at Lazydays to get the jacks looked at.  Our appointment was at 8 AM and we arrived there at that time amazingly.  We were sure rushing around getting everything done this morning to leave but by golly we did it. 
Lazydays does have a very nice large waiting room with two sides, one for pets and one for no pets.  We were there till 4 PM with only a short break for lunch where we went to Cracker Barrel.  Cracker Barrel was so busy today!  I guess because itís a holiday.  After lunch we went back to Lazydays to spend the rest of the day.
I have a bad cold that came on about Thursday or Friday and I was miserable all day sitting in that waiting room.  It would have been nice if they could have actually repaired anything but it took them all day to determine the same problem that Mac had told them when we arrived and that the parts store is closed today.  I was really ticked off at them but what can you do?
We drove back over to the RV Park and got set up on our site before dark and then I took my cold to the bed and slept. 

Friday, December 30:
Today we left Tampa and headed south towards Key West.  We spent most of the week working at our day jobs, visiting the family in the area and getting ready to leave this morning.  I wanted to visit everyone but this cold turned into a real nasty job and Iíve mostly stayed home till Thursday night when we took our daughter and family out to dinner. 
The weather is beautiful on our drive today and there are lots of RVs on the road.  We drove to Monument Lake one of our favorite campgrounds to stop at in the Everglades.  We were nervous that the campground might be full since there were so many RVs on the road today but it wasnít and we got a spot to camp for the night.  Otherwise we would have to go to the casino and park for the night.  But we got a spot in the campground so we could see the wildlife on the lake and if I didnít have such a cold we could take a walk around the area.
Saturday, December 31:
This morning we left and headed on to Key West.  We arrived and got a spot one row away from the water but we do have a view of the water from our yard.  Weíre happy to see our friends who are here also and many adventures are planned for our stay here this season.
It was too funny tonight!  Mac is feeling a little under the weather and Iím still not feeling well so we were both in bed and asleep by 10.  No New Years Eve partying for us tonight!


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