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Technical Projects 2005


 Disclaimer:  The stories you read here are what I did personally.  You should not assume that you can, or should, do anything that I've done.  Don't assume they are safe, and don't assume they will work for you.  Do more research, and make your own choices.  I will not be responsible for your outcomes!


January 2005


Click this link to read about our 12vdc Electric Project


We moved the battery bank, installed double the battery capacity, an inverter, new battery charger, etc.  Click the link above to read all about it.


Miscellaneous Small Projects


Feb 27, 2005


A quick post to catch up on some small projects we've done. 


Clothes Line

We saw several other RV's with compact clotheslines on the rear ladder.  Looking at one closely I realized they were just made from PVC pipe.  How cool, so I copied them.  Although, naturally I made mine larger than any I'd seen :-)  Total cost was about $6.   See 2 photos below.  


The key to making it easily portable is to NOT glue the angle support that hangs from the ladder.  That piece should be attached to the large rectangular piece with screws, or with a cotter pin.  Email me if you have questions.  It was really easy.  4 pieces of PVC pipe make up the main unit.  Glue on 90 degree elbows at each corner.  Drill holes in the PVC about every 8 inches and string 1/4 inch rope through it.  The "T" support is made with a 3 way fitting on each end and is NOT glued but dry fit with a hole drilled through it and screws or cotter pins.  This allows the "T" to be removed for storage.






New Kitchen Faucet


In case you haven't heard, I hate plumbing.  But I also hate leaking faucets and I hate paying $100 for some guy to install a $40 faucet... so after months of wiping up leaking water I finally bought us a new Moen faucet and installed it myself.  I got one with a sprayer attachment because I like them (Chris can take or leave them).


The only problem (other than having to crawl under the sink) was getting the hose connections not to leak!  The original faucet had very flexible copper supply pipes and they were bent to allow the gray PVC supply pipes from the coach to run straight into them.  The copper lines on the new faucet were quite stiff, and I worried about kinking them if I bent them so sharply.  So, I had to flex the gray plastic pipe to meet them, and the angle caused the cone shaped compression fitting to cock slightly and leak.  I loosened, straightened, and reattached.  Thankfully it worked!





March 4, 2005


Click this link to read about Technology that enables us to work while Full-Timing


DataStorm satellite internet, cell phones, computers, Etc.  We are really fortunate to have a business that we can do from almost anywhere.  Modern technology enables us to travel and still earn a living.  Just 5 or 6 years ago this would have been almost impossible.  Click the link above to read the whole story.



Click this link to read about Suspension Modification and Brakes


Swaybars, Shocks, and a brake job.  The motorhome never handled very well -- now it does.  Click the link above to see how we did it. 



July, 2005

Tech Project Updates, October 2005


Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote anything here.  I need to catch up, so here goes:


Click this link to read about Test Equipment for working with RV Electrical Systems


I use some very basic testers for electrical systems in the RV.  Click the link above to see them all.  You'll be surprised how simple some are, and how economical.

Getting More Water


Back in August we were staying in a casino parking lot and running the swamp cooler every day. -- Yes, we bought a swamp cooler.  I promise I'll write about it soon.  It works great!  -- Anyway, we were using a lot more fresh water than normal, and were using the black tank less.  I have one of those collapsible 4 gallon water jugs, and they are just marginal at best for dumping water into the tank. 


One day I was in Wal-Mart and saw a sturdy blue 7 gallon fresh water jug for about $5.  I bought it.  The cap is threaded, and it just happens that the threads match those on a 500 GPH bilge pump.  Hummm, that gave me an idea!  See photo below.  Seven gallons is about all the water I want to lug across the parking lot at a time.  The bilge pump makes short work of pumping it into the gravity fill. 



And while on the subject of water, here's a link to information about our Water Pressure Regulator.


Click this link to read about our RV Engine Rebuild


This is the biggie!  The most expensive, time consuming, and significant project yet.  We had some major engine problems and decided on a custom rebuild vs. a stock replacement or repair.  Click above link for all the details.


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