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April, 2012

Monday, April 2 - Friday April 13:
This morning we took the RV over to Camping World and had our new Splendide washer/dryer installed.  We also had the oil changed in our generator.  Both Mac and I assumed that theyíd only need the front of the laundry area cleared to install the new one, neither of us thought that theyíd need the top or side area cleared out.  But they did and they unloaded the closet stuff that was in their way and stacked it all on our bed. 
It didnít take them long at all to get it all done and we were back home in time for lunch and then back to work.  Weíve enjoyed the new Splendide.  It has a larger capacity than the old one and has a lot more features also. 
During our stay in the Tampa area weíve had a great time seeing the family.  The kids have come over to visit several times and weíve gone swimming.  Our grandson Austin is getting to be such a great swimmer.  Heís enjoyed swimming with goggles, swim mask, fins, etc.  He really loves the water.
Our youngest grandson Evan is about 9 months old and is the sweetest, calmest, most laid back baby.  Heís just so sweet and fun to play with.  Heís also enjoyed the water.  Nicole bought a little swim boat float thing and heís enjoyed sitting it in and having one of us push him around the pool.
While here in the Tampa area weíve worked at our day jobs of course but we also worked on some chores that Macís mom needed done.  We managed to get some work done around the RV such as cleaning more of the carpet, organizing some cabinets, etc.  Weíve also shopped for groceries using coupons to donate to a local charity that does great work.
Saturday, April 14:
This morning we drove our grocery and clothing donations to Metropolitan Ministries .  Weíve donated to this agency for years now and are very impressed with all the work that they do there.  They help so many families in the area and donít waste money doing it.
Tuesday, April 17:
After spending the last couple of days saying goodbye to the family in the area we left Tampa this morning around 9:30.  We drove to the Ocala FL area to see my uncle and aunt.  Iíve been a bad niece and havenít visited them in about 10 years.  We had a wonderful time visiting them and spent about 6 hours with them today.  We then drove to Lake City FL and spent the night at Wal-Mart Supercenter #767.
Wednesday, April 18:
After I worked some this morning we headed out.  We drove into some rain today but not any that was a heavy downpour.  We stopped at a rest area for lunch and so that Mac could attend a conference call.  I relaxed reading my book and of course fell asleep.  So after a few hours we headed out again.  We drove to a Bass Pro Shop near Macon GA.  We went in and shopped some then decided to spend the night in their parking lot. 
April 19:
After a few hours of work this morning we headed out again.  Somewhere before we hit Atlanta we saw an outlet mall that had a lot of parking so we stopped in and went shopping at a few stores.  I found some sandals that I liked and Mac found a pair of shoes that he liked also.  We ate lunch in the parking lot and then hit the road again.
We stopped at a very nice rest area in TN that was right next to a lake.  We stopped for a couple of hours before heading out again and driving to Kimball TN.  We stopped at Wal-Mart Store # 1089.  Thereís a Cracker Barrel restaurant right here at the parking area so we had a wonderful dinner there this evening.  Thereís also a Goodwill Thrift Store that we went to but there wasnít anything that we wanted to buy.

Friday, April 20:
After working this morning we hit the road heading north.  It was a very stress-free drive through Nashville today.  We stopped at the first rest area in Kentucky and ate lunch.  We stopped about a mile later at the Flying J and filled up with fuel.  Then we were back on the road again to our next stop of Mammoth Cave National Park

We had decided to stay here for at least one night so we got set up on our campsite quickly and headed over to the visitor center to sign up for a tour.  We got there just in time for the 3:15 start of the Frozen Niagara Tour.  This is the easiest tour with only about 6 stairs and 49 optional stairs.  We enjoyed the tour very much.  After the tour we shopped in the gift shop before heading back to the campground for some fun with a campfire. 
Mac got busy starting our fire and we roasted hot dogs over the fire.  Then we relaxed the rest of the evening by the campfire.  Itís so relaxing to sit around a campfire and stare into the flames.  There was a 70% chance of rain this evening but we were very fortunate and it didnít rain until after we were done with the fire and had put our chairs away.  Right about the time we got in the RV it started to gently rain. 


Weíve really enjoyed this national park and look forward to returning again in the future and exploring the other features of the park.
Saturday, April 21:
It rained pretty much all night long.  It was pretty chilly also with the dampness.  Since thereís a high chance of rain today we decided to go ahead and hit the road and visit here again in the future.  We got busy putting everything away, hooking the car to the RV and then drove over to the dump station to dump the gray tank and then we filled the fresh water tank.
We got on the Interstate and drove to Elizabeth IN to the Horseshoe Casino.  Since itís such a chilly day we had a bowl of soup for lunch before going into the casino.  I played quite a long time but didnít win anything!
Sunday, April 22:
This morning we headed out and drove to French Lick IN to the French Lick Resort.  Mac wanted to check it out and itís not that far off of our route so away we went.  We had a late lunch there and then checked out the casino.  Itís attractive like all casinos are but itís supposed to be pretty chilly tonight and we need hookups to run the heater so we wonít stay tonight. 
We headed out again and drove to the Indiana State Fairgrounds Campground .  This is where weíll be staying during our visit here this week.  Mac is attending a convention downtown later this week.  Weíre here a little early because the temperatures are supposed to be close to freezing the next few nights.

The reason we wanted to be at the campground during the low 30's temps was that we don't use the propane forced-air furnaces in the RV, and we wanted to be on hookups so we could run our small electric space heater.  I have sinus allergies and as rarely as we would use the furnaces the dust would give me a fit.  Besides, it's cheaper to heat with electricity when it's included in the price of the campsite.  We like it a little cool at night for sleeping, so we only run the space heater on low to knock the chill off.

Monday, April 23 Ė Saturday, April 28:
Super cold temperatures did arrive and we were grateful to have our heater working blowing out the warm air.  Itís rained or been windy and chilly so I didnít do any tourist things this week.  I donít enjoy being cold when Iím trying to explore a city.  I feel that I can always see it another day so why suffer when I can wait.  Mac worked at the convention with his company.  It was a productive time and hopefully lotís of potential employees were made aware of our company.
Friday night I went along with Mac to dinner with the rest of the team.  We all met at the Weber Grill Restaurant.  There were about a dozen of us and we had a great time eating, talking and laughing.  Finally though itís time to go home and get some sleep.

Saturday, April 28 Ė Monday, April 30:
Saturday was the last day of the conference for Mac.  And it was another chilly day too so we didnít go out site-seeing either. 
Sunday morning we put everything away, hooked the car to the RV and headed out.  We have reservations for Friday at the state park near our daughter so where to go till then?  We decided to go back to the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth IN.  At least itís warmer there and we can decide if we want to go somewhere else from there.
We stopped at Flying J and filled the propane tank in addition to getting fuel.  Thereís a Dennyís Restaurant there also and breakfast sounds good so we went in and had lunch of breakfast.  Afterwards we got back on the road and arrived at the casino after a few hours of driving.  Of course I went in the casino and played and was very fortunate and hit a royal on the dollar level of playing for $4,000!  What a wonderful win so early in my play.
Monday, April 30:
We both were back to work our regular jobs today.  After lunch we decided to stay around at the casino another night.  This casino has good paytables and the parking area is big with few trucks that stop by for a few hours so we can get some work done and then have some fun playing for a few hours. 

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