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June 2006

Thursday, June 1 Ė Monday June 5:

We are really enjoying our stay here at the Main Street Station Casino. Weíve eaten at the buffet several times. The only buffet that we havenít enjoyed is the Friday night seafood buffet. Why is it that no one out here seems to do a good seafood buffet? We were sadly disappointed with this seafood buffet. Weíve gone to the one at the Rio previously, which was highly recommended, and it was really bad to us. We even complained about it to the management that evening and got our money back, thatís how bad it was. We mentioned last year that the seafood buffet in Reno at the Boomtown Casino was not that great either. Weíve only been to one recently that was great and that was the one in Tunica Mississippi.

The buffet has a large selection of sugar-free desserts. Iíve enjoyed trying different desserts that I donít see in sugar-free very often. They have several different pies and I tried the key lime pie, very good. I also got to try some sugar-free pound cake and it was really good too.

On Saturday night we also ate at the steakhouse restaurant named The Pullman Grill at Main Street Station and we were fully comped to eat there. It was a really great place. One wall is a Pullman railroad car. Thereís also a lot of beautiful woodwork around the dining room. Itís just a beautiful room. The food was great and we enjoyed our dinner very much. They have some great bread too, itís rosemary sourdough and it taste wonderful!

On Saturday night after weíd finished gambling for the evening we went to the players club to see how many points we had and what we could get for our points. We had enough points that we got Mac a hat, a polo shirt and we also got a beach towel. So for our stay there we ate free, we stayed at the RV park for free, we got free gifts and we still left with money in our pocket. Why did we have money in our pocket while visiting a casino? I hit a royal flush for $1,000 during our stay here.

On Saturday we drove over to Henderson to the Camping World store. We picked up the largest roll of that silver insulation stuff like you put in your front window. We wanted it to make shades for all the windows. It really does a great job of keeping the sun and heat out. The only drawback with covering the windows is that of course you canít see out of them and no light comes in so you have to turn on the lights inside. But when itís this hot you have to make some sacrifices. Yeah, itís hot here, in the 100ís, but itís a dry heat. LOL. Itís been extremely hot, almost record breaking heat. At least the casino is nice and cool though. Thatís one excuse to go play every day, to escape the heat. I must say though that with the swamp cooler and one air-conditioner going it is comfortable in our RV, especially now that all the windows are covered with insulation.

On Saturday we stopped at Samís Town Casino and their RV park to check it out. We made reservations to move over to it on Sunday. Itís a bit more to stay at than at Main Street but we want to stay there and check it out. Hopefully, weíll earn enough comps to pay for our whole stay.

Moving to Sam's Town

Sunday morning we get the RV ready to move. I also decided to do any laundry that needed doing since the laundry room here is so convenient to use and itís inexpensive too. I got in one of my moods to clean the RV and vacuumed and cleaned everything in the RV. I seem to do that a lot when weíre going to move. I have to put everything away so I get started and canít seem to stop.

On Saturday Mac had seen a car/RV wash that was big enough for the RV so he decided we were going to wash the RV on our way over to Samís Town Sunday morning. I stopped at Albertson grocery store to pick up some basics and he called me to come help him wash the RV. Itís really a two person job, so I went over and helped. Itís got a really helpful thing there to help you while washing the RV. Along each side there is a stair and ramp so that you can get up to the top of the RV. That is really helpful, but again it really is a two person job. Mac tried to do it by himself but running up and down the stairs, washing and rinsing, putting in more money, etc. was just too much. We also washed the car while there and then I vacuumed it out. It got extremely hot in a short time sitting in the sun too! Boy is it hot here! I think itís supposed to get up to 106-107 today.

By the time we got everything done with the RV and set up on our new site at Samís Town we were hot, tired and hungry. Iíd picked up lunch fixings at Albertson so we ate a bite of lunch. We were so worn out with all the work, especially in the heat that we decided to lie down and take a short nap.

Itís so hot that if you want to do anything outside you really need to get it done very early. Otherwise you may get overheated and hurt yourself. I think we came close to getting overheated by the time we were finished. We relax the rest of the day, checking out the casino and trying to stay cool.

Monday is back to work day. We start our workdays very early out here because most of our business contacts are on eastern time and weíre currently on pacific time, thatís a huge time difference. So we start our work day about 5 in the morning, sometimes earlier. But we usually get to end the day around 2 or 3 so thatís nice. We have the rest of the day to have some fun.

After working for several hours and eating lunch I decided to read a book under the nice air-conditioning in the bedroom. Of course, I fell asleep and slept for a few hours. Mac told me that he was going to repair the toilet; it had been leaking fresh water very slowly but now it was leaking a lot. So he started that nasty job and of course he found that he needed a part. So he had to run out and get a part for it. Since the water was turned off I decided to go into the casino to be near a bathroom, water, etc. I played less than 15 minutes and hit a royal flush, no thatís not a term for a bathroom feature but for a poker hand. I excitedly called Mac and shared the good news with him. The poor guy really hates plumbing work so this improved his mood somewhat. He got the toilet repaired and it works great now, no leaks.

Yes I do hate plumbing work.  But I also hate paying somebody else to do fairly simple stuff that I could do.  These RV toilets have a valve that controls water flow and it's operated by a foot pedal.  After many years of use the valve will sometimes start leaking.  Ours is 10 years old so I suppose it was due.  To change it you remove the toilet, flip it over on its top, remove & replace the valve, reinstall toilet.  I went to Camping World to get a seal for the fitting that connects to the valve. 

When Mac joined me in the casino we were both hungry so we ate dinner at the coffee shop, which Sam's Town calls the Fresh Harvest Cafe.  We both ordered country fried steak and it was very good. The gravy was made with onions in it so it was very tasty.

After dinner we decided to not play any this evening. Weíre both tired so we head back over to the RV. On the way to our RV two guys told us to come see this cat in a RV window. When we saw it we were amazed. We thought it was an ocelot but it was actually an African Serval. Itís a beautiful cat, but not your average kitty, thatís for sure. Hereís a link that has several good pictures of the cats:

Today was the hottest so far at 107 but the rest of the week is going to get cooler each day. Tuesday 102, then thankfully back down into the high 90ís.  

Earlier today when Mac had started walking over to the casino he saw Bill and Janet Adams, the folks who sold us our DataStorm were also here at Samís Town. So they had a good visit and Mac picked up a piece that weíd been intending to order; now he doesnít have to order it.

Yes, if you ever see a Prevost Bus pulling a white van with way too many DataStorm unit's on top follow them, and buy one. Bill and Janet are the best!

Tuesday, June 6 Ė Friday, June 9:

Sam's Town -- Wrapping Up

Well, the verdict is in from us regarding Samís Town Casino; we donít like it as much as we did Main Street Station. The compís are much harder to get. We played just as much as we did at Main Street and got a lot less for it. I think we had 2 or 3 meals comped; that was just one personís meal. We didnít have enough for both of us to eat so we paid for one and had one comped. We only got our RV park stay comped for 4 nights. The casino is huge, it has the largest floor space of any casino in Vegas. The temperature was not regulated around the building. There were places where Iíd be very warm while just sitting and playing, grateful that I wore shorts. Other places it was so cold I was wishing I wore a coat.

The poker machines were great to me though. As mentioned, I hit a royal flush on Monday. What I didnít mention was that I was playing Deuces Wild, so that was my first royal on that game. On Tuesday I hit a royal flush again; this one on a progressive bonus poker machine. The jackpot was $1,113, a nice win for me. I enjoyed playing video poker but overall we didnít care for the casino very much.

Vegas was too hot to go anywhere to. I wanted to go check out some thrift stores but didnít because of the heat. The temperature inside a parked car would quickly reach 130+, one day it was 140+ in closed cars. Thatís just too hot to go shopping when Iíd be constantly getting in and out of the car. We really like Vegas but weíre going to visit when itís not so hot.

The RV park is OK, a little pricey to us. I think itís around $25 a night, with tax $26.62. Itís a huge place too. There are a couple of different sections around the casino. We were fortunately parked in the section closest to the casino, but it was still a long walk to get to the casino.

The sites are graveled, not blacktop. Between several of the sites there would be some landscaping. Between our site and our neighbors there were bushes that had beautiful orange/yellow blossoms on them. They were so pretty. The birds just loved the blooms too. I saw a humming bird come visit the bush one day. I didnít think there would be much in a desert for a humming bird but I guess there is.

There were also these cute tiny birds that came to visit frequently throughout the morning before it got too hot. I looked them up in my bird book and they are named Verdin. We had a great time watching these birds in the bush. We donít see these birds in the east; so they are so unusual to us. Hereís a website with a great picture and information about the bird.

Since weíre leaving on Saturday parts of Friday were spent getting the RV ready to travel again. Checking tire pressure, dumping old water, loading fresh water, putting things away, hooking up the car, etc. But we still managed to find the time to put in a good work day and some play time at the casino also. We plan on getting up early, as usual, and hitting the road. We are so excited to get on the road again.

Saturday, June 10:

We did get up early this morning, had some coffee and everything is ready to go. We start the RV and the steps wonít go up. Mac has to examine them and check out everything and it looks like the motor needs replacing. So he wires the steps up where they wonít come down, poor guy got so dirty doing all this work at the steps and in the engine checking out fuses, etc. So we finally got to get on the road at 7:20 instead of 6:30 like we had hoped to; but weíre on the road.

Macís driving and Iím navigating, and doing a very poor job of it I was told. I missed telling him about a turn and we had to drive to the next exit, turn around and go back. Well, what did he expect; I was talking and not paying any attention to the map. But we got on the right road finally and we are out of Las Vegas. Weíre driving a different route, one weíve never been on before. Itís very interesting to see the subtle differences in the desert. As we drove through the Mojave Desert there would be sections of just a few bushes, then sections that were very rocky, some places there would be Joshua trees.

We stopped at a nice pull-off for a short break to stretch our legs. We walked out into the desert for a short distance, I heard a bird singing but I never did see it, I think it was down in a ravine farther in the desert. We did get to see some horned lizards up close though. Mac had never seen any before. Iíd seen them a lot when I was a kid in Amarillo Texas. We called them horny toads, I donít know why since they aren't toads or frogs. They are really neat looking lizards, but are probably scary looking to someone whoís never seen anything like it. Mac took some pictures of the 2 that we saw.

Gas is pretty expensive out here in the desert, we stopped for gas and it was $3.40. The very next little town had gas for $3.19 or some low price like that. You wonder if that gas is any good though when everywhere else is so much more expensive.

When we stopped for gas I looked around in the little store and got a good chuckle out of all the bumper stickers and t-shirts for sale. They all had to do with aliens. I guess weíre near Area 51 or something. My favorite one was near the restaurant section that said Aliens taste just like chicken. Of course, they had chicken strips for sale and it makes you wonder if itís chicken or alien.

We took many stops throughout the day, stretching our legs and looking at interesting sites. We stopped for lunch and ate in the RV with a nice view out the window. We stopped in many small towns that provided a rest area.

We drove by Walker Lake, which is really beautiful. Walker Lake is one of the last remnants of an ancient inland sea which covered much of western Nevada nearly 10,000 years ago. We were surprised that there werenít that many people out on the lake considering how beautiful it is. We really enjoyed driving by the lake and admiring the clear blue water. If youíre in the area you should check it out. When we come back through the area we plan on stopping and spending the night. It looked like we could overnight there dry camping, but weíll have to find out more information before we do that. It really is beautiful though.

Before we reached the lake we passed Hawthorne Army Depot. There were many ammunition storage bunkers that we could see from the road. From Wikipedia; ďIt is a huge ammunition storage site located near the town of Hawthorne in western Nevada. The depot used to be the Naval Ammunition Depot. It is directly south of Walker Lake. The depot covers 147,000 acres (595 km≤), and has 600,000 square feet (55,700 m≤) of floor space in 2,427 storage bunkers. It is said to be the largest such facility in the world.Ē

We stopped in Fallon at a Safeway and bought some groceries. After buying groceries and putting them away we had dinner of roasted chicken, salad and potato salad that weíd bought in Safeway. We are close to Reno now and are really looking forward to getting there.

We reached our destination of Verdi, the Boomtown Casino before dark. We parked the RV in a long spot so we didnít have to unhook the car. Weíre parking up in the free overnight RV section. We got set up, ensured that everything was locked up and went into the casino. We didnít stay too long though since we were tired from the day of driving. It was good to be back though. I saw a lot of employees that I recognized from when we were here before. Many of the employees have worked at this casino 10+ years.

Sunday, June 11

We went down to Reno and drove through downtown. Itís not as torn up with construction as it was last year but they still have a ways to go before itís completely finished. We drove over to the Peppermill Casino, Mac wanted to pick up a schedule of their poker tournaments. Theyíre building a parking garage which is due to open later this month, so parking was hard to find at the casino. We wonít be parking the RV here until the parking garage is open since parking is at a premium here.

The Peppermill is the same as last year, lots of neon. At first itís too much neon but then it grows on you and you like it. Weíve grown to like it. Mac was recognized by several people and asked when he was playing. He went to pick up a coupon book and the host was so nice to him, offering us free dinner, etc. We really like it here, they treat us so nice. It is a good sized casino, not a small one, but they still manage to make their customers feel special.

Monday, June 12 Ė Thursday, June 15:

Itís back to work, ugh another workweek; no more playing around for us. We start our workday very early and get to stop working around 2; so that leaves  plenty of time to play the rest of the day. We played daily at Boomtown and I havenít hit a royal yet but Iím having fun trying. We had enough comps left from last yearís visit that we ate daily in their cantina/cafť. Itís got some great Mexican food there too. The prices are quite reasonable and the food is tasty.

Mac fixed the steps; so we didnít need a new motor for them after all. Itís great thatís he is so handy fixing things otherwise we would have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

The temperature here in the Reno and Verdi area is much cooler than in Vegas. Itís really beautiful weather right now. Tuesday we moved down to the Boomtown RV park. We had a coupon for 2 free nights stay so weíre taking advantage of that. Tuesday night the temperature got down in the 30ís so we had to get out the heater on Wednesday morning. Wednesday night was chilly but not as chilly as Tuesday night. Weíre actually enjoying the cool weather. Itís such a pleasant change from the heat that weíve been through for the past several weeks.

We ordered our mail and it came to the UPS store in Sparks on Wednesday. Since Mac was going that way I had him drop me off at the Salvation Army store. I found several books to read so I was very happy; my book supply was getting very low. This store has good prices on the books too; $1.00 for hardcover books and 50 cents for paperbacks.

On Thursday we worked for a while and then got the RV ready to move again. Dumped the black and gray tanks and then filled the fresh water tank. We drove back up to the free overnight RV parking area and finished out the rest of the workday. After our work was finished Mac climbed up on top of the RV and removed the filter from the swamp cooler for cleaning. The weather forecast for this weekend is for the high 80ís to low 90ís so weíll be using it if it gets that warm. We then drive down to the Atlantis Casino and park in their RV parking area. There are several other RVís out here too, about 20 I think.

Around 5 we went to the Peppermill Casino and ate dinner in their coffee shop. We had a coupon for buy one meal get one free but since we both ordered one of the ďspecialsĒ which are only $5.95 we decided to save the coupon for when we ordered more expensive food. I had chicken fried steak and Mac had the roast beef; both were very good.

After eating dinner I played video poker and Mac played in a Texas Hold ĎEm Tournament. Neither of us were winners tonight. But thereís always tomorrow!

RV Maintenance & Repair

Chris mentioned some maintenance and repair chores.  I know a lot of future full-timers read our blog, and one question often asked is how much is involved in upkeep.  Any motorhome or other RV is going to require attention from time to time.  If you own an older one as we do, that requirement is multiplied.  In the last couple of weeks I've replaced the battery isolator relay, cleaned the swamp cooler filter, fixed the electric steps, replaced a blown fuse on the turn signals, taped up the bare wire on the toad light harness that caused it, replaced the ball valve on the toilet, and added some hydraulic fluid to the jacks.  All this in addition to regular stuff like oil changes every 3k miles, checking tire pressures once a week, etc. 

If you're able to do all this yourself you can fulltime with a lower budget.  I expect all these items would have cost over $600 if taken to RV repair shops.  Especially considering there would have been 2 or 3 separate trips. 

Changing the subject, Chris has written an article for our Miscellaneous Ramblings area.  It's about thrift store shopping.  Check it out.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 Interim Update:

We'll do a bigger update soon.  I just wanted to say hello and let everyone know we've been working and playing hard.  Lots of time in the business side of life and that's starting to pay off.  Also quite a bit of play in the casinos, but without any big hits lately. 

One really fun thing we did this week was meeting up with Dave and Rebecca, two soon-to-be fulltimers.  I've corresponded with Dave for a while online, and it was great to visit with him and Rebecca in person. 

We'll be here in the Reno area at least through the first week of July, then plan to head Northwest.  We may go into Washington, or straight to the coast of Oregon.  Not sure at the moment.  OK, bye for now!

Hey, check out the full-time RV of the future:

Friday June 16 Ė Saturday June 24:

Iíve been very remiss in updating the blog lately. There hasnít been much to report on until I sat down to write, and there actually is a lot to write about, so here goes.

As mentioned previously we stayed at the Atlantis Casino boondocking in their parking lot. We played mostly at the Peppermill and some at the Atlantis too. Weíve had a great time working our work day then getting to go play and eat at the casino.

On Fathers Day I called my dad to wish him a great day. Thanks Dad for being a good provider when I was a kid and as a young adult. Nowadays that is really saying a lot. We all hear of so many dads that donít stick around or even provide for their children. I learned a lot from my dad, how to garden, how to change a flat tire, a good work ethic, providing for my family, etc. So thanks Dad.

On Monday we had dinner with a couple, Dave and Rebecca that are going to start full-timing in just a few months. It was a nice dinner and we enjoyed talking with them. Mac and Dave have been communicating by email for several months and are now friends. It was great to finally meet them. They told us about some interesting places to visit while around Reno. They both enjoy fishing very much, especially trout fishing. Dave is a professional rod builder, and makes custom fly rods. So if youíre interested in having a good one custom-made email us and we'll put you in contact with him.  

On Tuesday after our workday was finished we drove the RV back up to Verdi, the Boomtown Casino. Itís supposed to get very hot in the next several days but Verdi will be at least 10 degrees cooler than in Reno. So weíve been working every day then going into the casino and playing after our workday is finished. We didnít lose too much or win any amount to report, just hanging in there trying to hit a big jackpot again.

Iíve been lazy about going to the laundry and washing clothes. I get so involved in working and then playing at the casino that Iíve put off doing the laundry as long as possible. Friday I couldnít put it off any longer, so Mac offered to go with me and we went to the laundry and did massive amounts of laundry. It hadnít been done since we were in Vegas so itís been about 3 weeks. Boy were we low on clothes, I think they were all in the dirty clothes hamper. This was also the first time that I didnít soak the whites before going to the laundry. I used Oxy-Clean in the prewash cycle and I was amazed how all the stains came out. Mac wears a white logo t-shirt just about every day and he always seems to spill something on his shirts or get them stained in some manner while wearing them. So I was quite pleased that they came out stain-free and white too.

After we did the laundry we stopped at the Wal-Mart Super Center and picked up some much needed supplies. We use a lot of moist wipes and hand sanitizer while boondocking so we picked up a bunch more. We also picked up other items that we needed while there. While in Wal-Mart we heard a loud crack of thunder. When we left the store it started to rain, but of course since this IS the desert it didnít last long at all.

When we returned to Boomtown after our laundry and shopping chores were done there was some action in the hills above here. There was a brush fire that was small when we arrived home but shortly became a much bigger fire. We saw several firefighters up there working on putting out the fire and also 2-3 small planes would fly over the fire and dump chemicals to put it out. Finally the fire was out after several hours of hard work. Saturday morning we noticed a few of the firefighters up there again, I guess they were making sure there were no hot spots left that could start again. Mac and I theorized that the fire started from a lightening strike, we never found out how it actually started.

Lake Tahoe

When we started this new job we knew that it would be a regular work week for us with most of our adventures being on the weekend. So today we got to go and have an adventure. We drove over to Lake Tahoe. We had wanted to go there last year, but didnít since my knee was so bad and I wasnít able to walk much. So this year we got to go and I was glad that we waited since we did do a lot of walking around.

Lake Tahoe is very beautiful; the water is so blue and clear. We drove there from Reno, taking Mt. Rose Road, so we drove high into the mountains and then came down to the lake. There is still much snow up in the mountains; it was amazing to see so much snow this late in June. Next time we go to visit Tahoe we decided we'll drive there from Truckee, CA towards the lake, then back to Reno on Mt. Rose Road.  All the great pull-offs are on that side of the road.

Our first view of Lake Tahoe from the mountains in the East

Lake Tahoe is more built up than I expected. I thought there would be more open areas, park settings, or wilderness areas, to enjoy the water, and wildlife. It is a very pretty area, lots of tourist attractions, art shops, etc. to visit and enjoy, but it wasnít what I expected.

I think if we had driven all around the lake we'd have found more natural areas, but we decided to just see the North lake this time.  I've heard people compare Lake Tahoe to Crater Lake, but that's apples-and-oranges.  Tahoe is a beautiful place, but also one where a lot of people live and play.  Comparing these two areas to where we hang out in Florida:  Lake Tahoe is more like Key West.  Crater Lake is more like the remote areas of the FL Keys Marine Sanctuary and reefs.       

After driving through many small towns and seeing the beautiful water we had lunch in Tahoe City at the Sierra Vista restaurant. We ate outside on the lake shore. Hereís a link to the restaurant, including menu Our waiter was a great guy named John who moved to Tahoe in 2002 for the snowboarding.  He took our picture for us. See the beautiful lake and mountains behind us, what a great view while having lunch.

After lunch we walked down the main street and visited many of the shops. We also walked down to Commons Beach which is being renovated and is almost completely finished. Itís a very nice park with a large play area for children. There is beach access too and there were several people out enjoying the day when we visited the park. Itís pretty and itís free, hereís a link to parks in the area

In Tahoe City, right on the main street, there is a log cabin that was built in 1908. Itís now a historic landmark and museum that operates on donations. We visited there, hereís a link to their website that includes other museums to visit.

After we finished walking around Tahoe City we decided to head back to the RV. We drove towards Truckee and drove beside the Truckee River. There were many rafters out today enjoying the water. The Truckee River starts at Lake Tahoe and ends about 140 miles away at Pyramid Lake. We plan on visiting Pyramid Lake later this week. Dave and Rebecca had recommended visiting so we are looking forward to that.

Finally we arrived back at the RV and we are tired from our adventures today. We rested for a short time and then we went into the casino for some play time and dinner. We played VP for a while and finally I hit a royal flush. It was a great one too, on a progressive Quarter machine with a jackpot that had built up to $1,675, what a great win that was! After we played for a while we had dinner at the Cantina.  I had chicken enchiladas and Mac had beef fajitas. The Cantina here at Boomtown has some really great Mexican food. We both enjoyed our dinner and even took some home with us for lunch tomorrow.

After our fun-packed day I was very tired so I went to sleep very early about 9:00. Mac stayed up only a short time more than I did and then he too hit the sack. This having fun is hard tiring work but boy is it worth it!


Sunday, June 25:


We have another coupon for free stay at Boomtown thatís only good for the 25th and 26th. Iíll explain how we got this one. Boomtown is having an invitation only drawing that we were invited to. Itís for the people who won more than one big jackpot last year. So I received an invitation to attend the big drawing on the 26th and it includes free stay at Boomtown.

So this morning knowing that weíre going to be on hookup I got some stuff done that I needed to get done, like defrosting the refrigerator. I tell you the excitement never ends around here. We also did little other cleaning jobs around the RV this morning.

We drove down to the RV park and hooked up after 11:00. We had decided to go to the Peppermill this afternoon so that Mac could play in a tournament there. So after taking a shower, eating some lunch we left and went to the Peppermill Casino. Neither of us were winners but we werenít big losers either. We stayed there for several hours and played, ate dinner and had a great time.

Frequently Iíll walk around in the casino when Iím playing. I enjoy looking around, I need to stretch my legs occasionally and I need a break from playing. You should take a break occasionally when playing video poker, it helps to keep your mind alert so that you play correctly and not make mistakes. Anyway, I went to the gift shop in one of walks around the casino and I found a great t-shirt that I just had to have. Pictured on the front of the t-shirt are many of the casinos in Reno and the sign that says Reno Biggest Little City in the World. So I just had to buy it for myself.

Monday, June 26:

Back to work again, boy I wish we could retire fully now and stop this working stuff. It really cuts into our playing and having a good time. But we got to work so that we can save for the future fun and total retirement so another work week begins. Actually I donít mind working too much. Itís interesting stuff that I get to do.

The big drawing is in the convention center and the doors open at 5:30. Weíre there, ready to get in and have some free food and drinks. We didnít win any of the money that was given away but we had a good time eating. Afterwards we played some in the casino.

Tuesday, June 27:

Checkout is by 11 so between getting work done on the business side we worked on getting the RV ready to move again. This included dumping the tanks, filling with fresh water, vacuuming, mopping, etc. Boy we got a lot done this morning before 11!  We then moved the RV up to the free RV parking lot and finished out the work day.

After the work day ended we had a good time playing at the Boomtown Casino. We had decided to try their dinner buffet again and see if we still enjoyed it. Weíd tried it last year and had enjoyed it much more than their seafood buffet. Well, itís o.k. we think itís not as good this year as it was last year. There seems to be less on it than last year too. So the only place that we like to eat at Boomtown is at their Cantina. It has great food and reasonable prices.

Wednesday, June 28:

We have an appointment to have a repair job done on the RV this morning at 8:30 so we drove down to Reno to the repair shop. Weíve been having some trouble with the gear shifter and Mac wanted to have that looked at before we hit the road or before it totally broke and we wouldnít be able to drive the RV.

So after parking and getting checked in there isnít much that I can do around the RV so I decided to go shopping at some of the local thrift stores. I had a great time and found several books that Iíll enjoy reading too. I even found one that I had just talked about with my mom over the weekend. Sheíd told me that one of my favorite authors had a new hardcover out and Iíd looked it up online to read about it. Well, amazingly I found that book at one of thrift stores that I visited. I grabbed it up right away too! I was so excited to find it. It was less than $3 too so thatís a huge savings compared to new book prices at the bookstore. When I buy hardcover books after I finish reading them if I know that no one in my family would like to read it Iíll donate it back to one of the thrift stores. If I know that someone in my family would enjoy it Iíll save it for them to read. If itís going to my mom then after she reads it she donates it to the Care Center library or the library at the Rainbowís End Escapee Park. Both of these places have a nice trading library for people to enjoy. So none of the books that I buy go to waste, they are enjoyed by several people before finding their way back to a thrift store.

Some other great things I found while shopping were several nice pairs of shorts for Mac and a really nice silk shirt. Heís been wearing a couple of silk shirts that Iíd bought him last year at the thrift stores and heís enjoyed wearing them. He says the silk feels nice on his skin and itís a cool fabric to wear. Heís also received several compliments on the shirts. So Iím on the lookout now to find him some more that heíd enjoy wearing. I did find one that I thought would look good on him and the shirt was in great condition and of course the price was great at a thrift store.

The RV repairs were done quickly and Mac drove the RV over to the Atlantis Casino to boondock. After I finished shopping I joined up with him. Mac can explain what was repaired and why it needed repairing.

Yes, another of the issues that were "fixed" at Campbell RV back in March had to be repaired again.  The mechanic here told me the shift linkage associated with the AutoPark switch had been installed improperly and was now damaged.  They believed they could repair and adjust it so we didn't have to wait for (and pay for) a new part.  They seem to have been successful, because it's working fine so far.  It was two hours of labor, and a shop fee, $200 flat.  Glad we have it fixed, because I'd hate to need a tow over something like this.

This evening weíre both kind of tired so we decided to stay at home tonight and eat in. Mac cooked us a great dinner and then we watched a movie. Of course, I had to read a little from one of my new books I bought today too. So we had a nice quiet evening at home for a change.



Thursday, June 29:


We worked this morning and after the workday was done Mac went to Home Depot to get some filter material. Heís going to make a filter for our TurboKool, the swamp cooler that we bought last year. We could buy one from TurboKool of course but Mac thinks he can make one to fit and save money doing it.

We made reservations to eat at Romanza Ristorante Italiano located in the Peppermill Casino. We have a lot of food comps at the Peppermill, and we do enjoy using them occasionally to eat in one of the nicer restaurants. Itís a very nice restaurant and the food was great. I had Chicken Parmesan and Mac had the Grilled Salmon Cartucci. Both dishes were excellent, we enjoyed them very much. Hereís a link to the restaurant

After we enjoyed our dinner Mac played in a poker tournament and I played some video poker. Neither of us were winners this evening.

June was a good month for our budget.  We only paid for 2 nights this month, the 2 that weren't comped at Sam's Town in Las Vegas (they did comp 4 other nights).  So our average expenses are down.  So far this year we've lowered our average nightly expense, increased our free camping, and also obtained more free FHU sites with casino comps (13 in June).

Year Avg $ per Nite # Dry # Elect # FHU # Free %Dry % Free
2006 to date $9.11 81 7 91 70 45% 39%
About this time last year $9.46 106 14 65 45 57% 24%

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