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Sharing your internet connection


Unless you only have one computer you'll probably want a router so more than one computer can share the same internet connection.  Wireless routers are common these days, but the kind we use is specially designed to use with an aircard.  Several manufacturers produce routers with this feature, but we like the Cradlepoint routers best.  The one we use is the MBR1000, which has 2 USB ports and one Express slot.  It even allows use of two aircards at the same time to increase performance when multiple computers are using the internet.

Other routers are available from Cradlepoint and other manufacturers.  A great source for price, service, and support is the 3G Store.  Besides selection and value they offer good pre-sales support and advice.

Here's a photo of me working hard at my day job (no kidding) while enjoying a cool, sunny winter morning in Key West.