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In this little obscure corner of our web site Iím going to keep a record of all the wines I sample and my opinion of them.

At this point in my wine drinking life (Late 2006) I have enjoyed wine for several years, and I know what I like, but I have a limited vocabulary to describe and explain my likes and dislikes.  I also seem to have a limited palate and nose, since I can usually taste and/or smell only one or two of the items listed on the winemakerís or other's tasting notes.

That aside, I do know what I like, and Iíll be happy to tell you my opinion Ė which is likely worth exactly what youíve paid for it ;-)


Some of the best I've had

Very Good


Not very good


Wine:  Falesco Vitiano Umbria, 2004

Date:  November 2006

Price: $10.

Rating: OK

I ppurchased 3 bottles of this last week. A year ago I enjoyed Falesco Merlot, and a couple of other Falesco Umbria wines, so I thought Iíd give this a go. Robert Parker gave it 89, and Wine Spectator gave it 90. Looking online, the labels all have ďUmbriaĒ on the front, and my bottles have it on the back. No matter, as I believe mine must be the same thing.

Well, I thought it was pretty average stuff, not complex (as they had said), and I thought it had an unremarkable nose; nothing bad, but nothing standing out.  I found it to be a little bitter, some unripe fruit, tannins were sharp, not rounded, not smooth -- in all, not all that great.  It's was OK for the price (under $10) but not nearly as good as I expected from the reviews.



Wine:  Estancia Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, 2003

Date:  December 2006

Price: Under $7 - $10 at military Class 6 store, $12-14 elsewhere

Rating: Very Good


This wine is a great bargain at the $6.95 price I paid, and a solid value at retail

Good classic Cab characteristics. 









Wine:  Gallo Sonoma Reserve Pinot Noir, 2005

Date:  December 2006

Price: Under $15 at military Class 6 store, $18-$20 elsewhere

Rating: Very Good

A very good Pinot for the price, but I'll keep looking for a favorite ;-)










Wine:  Wolf Blass Presidents Selection Shiraz, 2004

Date:  December 2006

Price:  $16 to $20

This bottle was given to me at Thanksgiving by our host, my son-in-law's Uncle (is that my Uncle-In-Law?). 

This is a great bottle of wine for the price, and a really excellent Siraz overall.  











Wine:  Estancia Pinot Noir, 2005  

Date:  December 2006

Price: $10 at military class 6, $12-$15 elsewhere 

Rating:   Good

I enjoyed it.  Probably one of my favorite Pinot's for the price.  Yes, I've had better, but for $10 it's hard to beat.













Wine:  Mirassou Pinot Noir, 2005 

Date:  November 2006

Price: $10.

Rating: OK (I guess)


It didn't suck. 

I suppose that's considered "praise" for a $10 bottle of Pinot ;-)

I won't be buying any more of it


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