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RV Flooring and Interior Upgrade

Now that we've spent 2 years and quite a few dollars getting our RV in good mechanical shape it's time to do something about the appearance.  Where to start?  Inside or outside?  We figure we look at the inside about 90% of the time, so we'll start there.  Our goal is to make it more comfortable and of course more attractive as well.

Update January 28, 2007

Originally this project was going to be broken down across 2 or 3 pages, but I decided to just put it all on one page.

Project calls for:

  1. Rip out all the carpet
  2. Install Pergo wood laminate in bedroom, hall, and living room.
  3. Install fake slate or sandstone in kitchen
  4. Re-carpet the front of the RV from just behind the captain's chairs.
  5. Remove the 3rd chair, behind passenger chair
  6. Remove dinette
  7. Replace dinette with a combination bar and desk
  8. "Maybe" replace the sofa bed with twin recliner loveseat?


"Before" and "Work In Process" photos.  Click them if you'd like to see larger view.

Kitchen and Dinette area.  Yes it's a crooked picture :-/


Looking aft from living room through kitchen


Dinette Area



Carpet removal in progress, you can still see a little of the old carpet in the bedroom top right, then all the old felt, and in the foreground the plywood sub-floor

Entry stairs, roll of old carpet, felt padding still down


Front area before renovation


Hall and bedroom stripped and ready for new flooring!

Pergo in the Bedroom, making progress


Bedroom floor complete except for final trim work, molding.

Transition from hallway to existing bathroom linoleum floor

Removing the dinette was a chore!

Kitchen floor bare - sans dinette

Bare kitchen floor from another angle

Laying the vinyl tile squares.  We went through 3 or 4 changes in our choice of tile, but we're very happy with the one we settled on.

"Living room" and hide-a-bed occupied by a grand daughter


From driver's area, looking out the passenger side, note chair which will be removed


Here's the (almost) finished product

All that remains is to install new carpet into the front seating area forward of the captains chairs.  Also, plan to put in a small cabinet for a LCD TV on the wall where the love seat faces.

Entry way.  The steps are an improvement over the old dingy carpet, and a hint of what's to come.

Here's how the new floor turned out in the living room, and you can see the double-recliner love seat we used to replace the old RV couch

Looking forward from the kitchen

A better view of the new loveseat.  It's not RV Furniture.  It's a Berkline recliner that we ordered through the BX furniture store on MacDill AFB.  Arrives in 3 pieces, so it fit nicely through the door.  Be sure to measure if you do this!

And again - notice increased floor space without the 3rd chair that was behind passenger?

Here's Chris on her computer, notice the new window shade?

Kitchen Floor Complete


Kitchen and dining area.  Notice the new desk/bar and cabinets.  See how much more floor space we have without the dinette! 

Bedroom.  Chris picked out a new comforter


This is Chris' actual office

And even more photos...

scroll down....



Update, 1-30-07

Many people want additional photos of the desk / bar.  I'll say one thing just in case you didn't read it elsewhere, we made the bar a little too narrow (40 inches).  We do fit side by side and eat meals there, but it's a little close.  Good thing we like each other ;-)  I should have used 15 inch cabinets and made the desk / bar 46 inches wide.


We like our Pink Flamingo

Notice the chairs are very close.  That's 40 inches.  I recommend 46.

Do you like the top -- the desk surface?  It's peal and stick vinyl tile squares.  We were going to use Formica, but would have to buy a whole sheet, which would be more expensive and hard to carry home.  A custom made top would have been much more expensive, and taken 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

Yet another shot

Here's one of the cabinets

We re-used the switches for lights and stairs, also the entry assist handle.

December 2007 update
TV table installed