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The chronological account of our travels.  Like most full-time RVers we'll babble on about all the mundane aspects of our daily lives.  Some will find it interesting, and others will use it as a sleeping aid.  Either way, we've done our part.


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States where we've camped in our RV since Sep 1, 2004.  Driving through doesn't count.


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Hi everyone! We're in the middle of changing over our blog to WordPress, and at the same time we're working to post more frequently (yeah, I know, hard to believe right?). So, you have two options from here:

1. To read our OLD blog archives and/or how-to articles look at the menu at the top left of this page

2. To read what's going on with us NOW please visit our .net site

Want to read more?  Every month is available in our "Blog Archives" at the top left of this page

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