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Our Favorite Links  *See bottom for "Link Exchanges"  (Reference Site)

Information about casino parking and camping, RV Friendly Casino listing has reviews of casino facilities -- both dry camping and casino RV parks.  Includes how-to articles, gambling instruction to help you have more fun, and information on getting free stuff (casino comps).



  (Reference Site) is a great site to bookmark or put in your favorites.  Becoming a master link site, with a large and growing collection of links related to RVing.  One area of the site has links to many travel blogs.


Escapees RV Club -  (RV Club and Forum)

We've been members of Escapees since summer, 2004.  Escapees is a total support network for serious RVers, especially fulltimers.  Their site includes a wonderful forum.  Escapees also have a great network of private parks where boondocking is $2.50 to $5 a night and full hookups are between $9 and $20 a night.  Here's more info on our Feb '09 Blog: Escapees RV Club.  If our introduction leads you to join the club please note that we referred you -- our member number is 85423.


Women's RV Forum  (Forum)

Chris likes reading this forum and posts there sometimes.  She says it's a great place for women to discuss RV issues.



The Thrift Shopper  (Reference Site and Forum)  Another of Chris' favorites.  If you're looking for a thrift store anywhere in the country this is the place to start.  You'll not only find the location but also reviews and other useful information.  (Forum and Network of RV Sites)

The RV.NET forums are the largest RV related forums on the internet.  That fact alone makes them valuable because so many people are available to give you their (sometimes) expert opinion on technical questions, RV parks, trip plans, destinations, RV purchases, fulltiming, etc. There's also a blog (see below).   


The Official Blog of the Open Road  (BLOG)

Whatever your interests I bet you'll find something here that you'll enjoy reading.  With 30 experts blogging on everything from Casino Camping (written by yours truly) to RV maintenance and family camping.  Drop by and visit soon!


Tioga & George -  (BLOG)

George Lehrer chose a prophetic name for his web site.  He and the "Tioga RV Team" are probably the most famous full timers on the web today.  When you visit his site, be sure to read all the background information in "Behind the Scenes".  Also, check out the blog archives and read the first few months.  This will give you a much better perspective.


Phred's Poop Sheets -  (Reference Site)

Phred has an impressive collection of basic (and not so basic) advice for RVers on boondocking, water, sewer, DC and AC electrical systems, and more.  A "must read" for fulltimers and boondockers. -  (Reference Site)

Need work done?  Check here for local shops and see what experiences others had there.  If you have a good or bad experience be sure to post -- your input is valuable to all RVers!


The Happy Wanderers -  (BLOG) "Welcome to the adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar. We semi-retired in our mid 40's and started traveling full-time in our motorhome in September 2004. We love to travel and explore..."


US Military Campgrounds -  (Reference Site) A comprehensive reference site of military campgrounds all around the USA.  Developed and maintained by Larry Farquhar (see The Happy Wanderers above).


Jack & Danielle Mayer -  (Blog and HDT Truck Reference Site)  These folks travel with a Volvo 610 tractor pulling a 5th wheel.  Their site is a great resource for anyone considering a HDT or MDT and 5ver combination.  Jack also has some excellent information on RV electrical systems including solar.


The Camping Machine - (Blog) Family camping at its best, a cool site.


This is True  (Not RV Related)  The web site says: "...a weekly syndicated newspaper column by Colorado humorist Randy Cassingham. True reports on bizarre-but-true news items from legitimate newspapers from around the world ... An online pioneer, True has been publishing online weekly since June 1994."


True Stella Awards  (Not RV Related) The web site says:  "...wild, outrageous, or ridiculous lawsuits -- including bogus cases! We search for true cases, and you can subscribe by e-mail for free to get the case reports as they're issued."


Overnight RV Parking Yahoo! Group (Reference Site)   The lists that Jim O'Brient has compiled on this group are the most complete source I've found on the web for overnight parking information at commercial locations (Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel, Truck Stops, etc.)   Join the group, the lists are PDF format and located in the "Files" section.  is a new site that looks nice, check it out   (Reference Site)

Steven has a great site.  He features a different website or blog from time-to-time, creating an excellent resource for finding new RV related sites.  (Reference Site) Their site says "We are searching the Internet and hope to include every RV-related link we can find so you will have a one-stop website to find what you need."  I recommend checking it out.


Link Exchanges:  We don't do "Link Exchanges".  If you like our site and think it offers something to your readers please feel free to link to us.   

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